Online Communities

Delcam has three online communities. These communities have been steadily growing for the past few years and provides it’s users with quick and accessible support from users of the software and Delcam staff. It’s a free resource and all you need to do is select the forum that interests you. Even better why not register. It’s easy to do and there’s many advantages for this. Read ‘why should I register’ below.

Join the Delcam Community The Delcam forum covers all Delcam software products i.e. PowerSHAPE, PowerMILL, PowerINSPECT etc... there’s also a general discussion section and a VB tools area.
This forum covers all ArtCAM products and has specific user topics such as Jewellery Makers and Signmakers. There’s tips and tricks and clipart galleries.
Join the FeatureCAM Community A specific product forum for FeatureCAM users. The forum covers all aspects of the FeatureCAM software; Milling, Turning, Wire EDM and much more...

Why should I register?

We know that a lot of people are just visiting the forum to view the posts without registering. However registering makes sense even if you have no intention of posting. If you register, the forum will track which posts you have already viewed and display a different icon whenever there are new messages that you have not yet looked at.

So even if you are only interested in looking at what other people are saying, registering will make it much easier to keep track of what’s happening on the forum. Also tracking new messages is as easy as adding the forum index to your favourites menu and visiting us regularly. So why not register and keep up to date.

Another reason to register is to gain access to files which are attached to posts. Unfortunately to avoid the forum being used to distribute illicit material, we need to restrict downloading to registered users.